We have held a number of forums, workshops & even live comedy acts over the years. These include:

  • Growth! Is bigger better (2014) Forum with speakers Emeritus Prof. Ian Lowe, Prof David Karoly-Melbourne Uni, and Ecologist Geoff Carr. Included candidates Q & A prior to state election. MC Rod Quantock.
  • Permaculture in overseas aid (2013) – a talk and picture show by internationally renowned permaculture expert Rick Coleman.
  • The story of our key climate drivers (2012) – with speaker Graeme Anderson, Senior Climate Specialist, DPI – Farm Services Victoria.
  • SMART Living Workshops (2012) – a series of free workshops to help participants save money, save energy and reduce their environmental footprint.
  • BIOCHAR & the Connection to Climate Change (2011) – with speaker Russell Burnett, an engineer from Bendigo who has pioneered some ground breaking research on the production of biochar.
  • Population Growth and Climate Change Forum (2010) – with speakers demographer Bob Birrell, author Mark O’Connor & MP Kelvin Thomson. Read more about the population issue.
  • Ethical Investment Forum (2010) – with speakers Janice Carpenter from Ethical Investment Services & James Thier from Australian Ethical.
  • Clean Energy for the Surf Coast (2010) – with internationally recognised expert in climate change Professor David Karoly, National
    Environment and Sustainability Manager for Don KRC Nick Barber & Anglesea Fire Brigade’s Jamie MacKenzie.

We’ve also been very lucky to host Rod Quantock in ‘Bugger the polar bears this is serious’ in 2009 and ‘Pardon my carbon’ in 2011. And he  returned to the Surf Coast for another show in August 2013 – more details.