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SCEG is a keen supporter of renewable energy and believes that having a strong Renewable Energy Target (RET) is the best way to ensure certainty and drive investment and development in the renewable energy industry.

We are also keen to assist our members and the wider Surf Coast Community find products and services that are more environmentally friendly and support the transition towards a zero carbon economy. So naturally we think our job is to make it easier for people to find an electricity retailer that supports renewable energy and energy efficiency. It is also a way to put  businesses on notice, that if they don’t support strong action on climate change issues, people will take their business elsewhere.

To this end Surf Coast Energy Group has teamed up with GetUp! to help promote the Better Power campaign to save the Renewable Energy Target.

The Renewable Energy Target has long been a bipartisan policy. It was introduced by the Howard Coalition government and expanded under Labor governments. The target is under threat right now and the impact of scrapping or weakening it would be devastating for everyone except for companies like Origin, AGL and EnergyAustralia.

Origin, AGL and Energy Australia have launched an attack on Australia’s Renewable Energy Target – doing everything they can to push Tony Abbott and the Liberal Government into weakening this important target, so they can continue to get the majority of their energy from dirty fossil fuels.

GetUp! is urging Victorian’s to take action now by making the switch to Better Power to show the Dirty Three they can’t attack the RET and keep their customers. Already thousands of GetUp members have switched their household power provider away from AGL, Origin and EnergyAustralia.

GetUp will be passing on funds raised to Surf Coast Energy Group when you switch to Better Power with Powershop (ranked Australia’s greenest energy retailer by the Greenpeace Green Electricity Index).

Surf Coast Energy Group will use any funds raised to pursue our mission.

It’s important that you use the link below to switch and not the links from the Better Power campaign website or Powershop so we can track where you come from and ensure SCEG receives the funds.

Make the switch to Better Power, support the RET, save money at home and support Surf Coast Energy Group now using this link:



If you want to speak to someone in person call Powershop on 1800 462 668 remembering to mention that you would like to be attributed through SCEG’s promotional code.

And here are five reasons to make the switch today:

Better Power: We shift to the greenest retailer in Australia, Powershop, demonstrating public support for pro-renewables companies.

Cheaper bills: The Essential Services Report from 2013 took a snapshot of 2013 prices and compared them. Powershop’s prices were within the cheapest 3 in all 15 scenarios.

Fast and easy: Over 50,000 Victorians switch their energy provider every month, and Powershop’s online tool makes it so easy that you can switch in less than 10 minutes.

No risk: No lock in contracts or exit fees. Don’t worry if you’re under contract, Powershop will even cover your exit penalty fee (up to $75) on your behalf.

Grassroots renewables revolution: For each person that switches as part of the Better Power campaign, Powershop will make a small contribution to further GetUp’s campaign to save the Renewable Energy Target and for everyone who switches using the Surf Coast Energy Group link, SCEG will receive funds from GetUp!

For more information on the Better Power campaign check out the Better Power campaign video

For more information on Powershop either click on the SCEG link above or go the Greenpeace Green Energy Guide

You can also check out Renew Economy’s article on “Who’s the Greenest Retailer of them all”




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