SCEG 2010 Film night photo

Volunteers are the lifeblood of our organisation. SCEG would not be the strong community group it is without the involvement of dedicated volunteers. We are keen to recruit more volunteers to ensure we continue delivering local solutions to climate change.

Volunteering for SCEG not only allows you to actively tackle climate change and contribute your experience and knowledge to SCEG activities, but also provides an opportunity for you to develop new skills and friendships.

Whether you have a few hours or days to spare, we would love to hear from you. Contact us if you would like to contribute. There are many areas where we could use your help, some examples are listed below. We would also love to hear from you with ideas for new projects or tasks you could lead or participate in.

Film crew

For the last 4 years SCEG has screened sustainability films from May to Sept that have informed and inspired us to change our behaviours and assist with change in our community. For this great work to continue, we need new team members.

What’s involved?

  • Time commitment: depends on you and which tasks you would like to be involved in
  • Responsibilities:  Select films; set dates and book venue; talk to sponsors; advertise (create and distribute posters, write press releases and ads) and organise scrumptious suppers.


Website / Social Media

Can you look after our website and/or social media (Facebook and Twitter), as well as post regular, rich content to grow our audience.

What’s involved?

  • Time commitment: a couple of hours a month
  • Responsibilities:   Liaise with newsletter writer, committee members and event organisers to post regular stories (ideally 1 new item a week)
  • Skills:  No experience required – we can teach you.


Graphic Designer

Are you a creative person with a flair for graphic design? SCEG would love your help with developing promotional material for specific events.

What’s involved?

  • Time  commitment: a couple of hours a month
  • Responsibilities: Liaise with event coordinator to develop advertisements, flyers, and other promotional material for specific events, such as the Film Season.

Market Stall helpers

The SCEG Market Stall is a great way of raising awareness of SCEG and climate change issues in the local community, but we can’t cover these events unless we have a dedicated team of people.

What’s involved?

  • Time  commitment: a couple of hours a month depending on what markets are on and your availability (e.g. NightJar in January, Torquay Cowrie market, other community events, etc.)
  • Responsibilities: Generally, we try to pair people up so you’re not alone. The markets we go to provide a platform for our team to meet new people and talk sustainability with like-minded folk. It’s often a two-way learning experience and no-one needs to know everything about SCEG or sustainability. The crucial thing is that we get out there and provide a friendly, relaxed space where people are comfortable to come and chat or make enquiries. Let us know your availability and we can line up a time for a chat and talk through the role of helping out on the SCEG stall.


Public Relations officer

Are you a great ‘wordsmith’? If so, we’d love your help in writing press releases for SCEG.

What’s involved?

  • Time commitment: a couple of hours a month
  • Responsibilities: Liaise with event coordinator to draft and release press releases for specific events such as the Film Season, and develop relationships with local journalists.


Grant writers

Funding from government departments and philanthropic trusts is crucial to SCEG if we are to expand our service offerings.  For example, SCEG was only able to offer the very successful GrowIt initiative through a government grant.

What’s involved?

  • Time commitment: Some grants only involve filling out a simple questionnaire, while others require much more detail. It would be great to have a small grant writing team (2-4 people) upon whom we could call to see who is available at the time to apply for a particular grant.
  • Responsibilities: Preparing the grant submission, with assistance from members of the SCEG Committee and office.


Accountant / lawyer

Are you an accountant or lawyer who could help SCEG with certain financial, tax and legal issues as required? If so, we would love to hear from you!

What’s involved?

  • Time commitment: A few hours a month.     
  • Responsibilities:  Answering technical questions within your knowledge base relating to SCEG’s operation as a not-for-profit organisation.


Letter writer

Do you have a passion for political advocacy work? Do you like to write letters to your local MP for action on environmental issues? If so, this is the role for you!

What’s involved?

  • Time commitment: As much or as little as you want.
  • Responsibilities: Writing letters on behalf of SCEG to politicians and local papers, in liaison with the Committee.