Onya 5 Pack


Onya 5 Pack


So you have remembered your reusable bags, but still need to use plastic for your fruit ‘n’ veg…..Not any more!

  • This turquoise pouch contains 5 strong Tulle bags (each can easily carry 2 kilos of produce)
  • Slightly larger than plastic produce bags – with a gusset too
  • They are incredibly lightweight ,so they don’t weigh anything on the scales
  • Being see-through, shop assistants know exactly what’s inside
  • Because washing our fruit ‘n’ veg before eat it is so important, these bags are actually designed so you can use each one as a collander washing the produce inside
  • Most fruit ‘n’ veg store better not sitting in a plastic bag where they can sweat and bruise etc

Some people prefer to just hang the bags on a hook in the pantry and again the produce lasts much longer

Set of 5 bags and cover  $17.40 (includes postage and handling)

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