• Photos- Phil Hines Build Grow Live in Torquay was held on Sunday 25 October 10am – 5.00pm  (our new take on Sustainable House Day in 2015)   A HUGE THANK YOU to all attendees, site owners, volunteers, stall holders, presenters, sponsors and raffle donors for making Build Grow Live a great day! The open homes […]

  • SCEG is a keen supporter of renewable energy and believes that having a strong Renewable Energy Target (RET) is the best way to ensure certainty and drive investment and development in the renewable energy industry. We are also keen to assist our members and the wider Surf Coast Community find products and services that are […]

  • SCEG recently formed a sub-committee for a community-owned ‘Big Solar’ project to look at how we could encourage larger commercial scale solar installations in the Surf Coast Shire.

  • Why have a shop? Australians use 10 million new plastic bags every day. Plastic bags and plastic film are disposable and cannot be recycled in our kerbside collection. SCEG believes that by replacing disposable bags and film with reusable items we will  reduce our ecological footprint.  Therefore we are offering for sale reusable mesh veggie bags (Onya and […]

  • Since 2009, SCEG has screened sustainability films from May to Sept that have informed and inspired us to change our behaviours and assist with change in our community.

  • Our GrowIt! project, which ran in 2011, aimed to bring food production back to where it belongs – the backyard. Participants purchased a fully installed and ready-to-grow vegetable box and were supported by workshops and fun events. By the end of the project, we had installed over 100 veggie plots around the community.

  • We have held a number of forums, workshops & even live comedy acts over the years.

  • At a statewide meeting of Climate action groups in May 2008 it was decided to organise a human sign project. School and community groups across the state created signs based upon a theme in which individual communities contribute a word or sentence for an aerial photo montage and video.

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