“Nearly all the environmental problems which we face are exacerbated by profligate population growth. Our continuing failure to address this problem may be a source of consternation and puzzlement to future generations. ………. It is astonishing that anyone can suppose that concern about a rich, diverse, sustainable future can avoid addressing the question of population.”

Introduction to Mark O’Connor by William Grey (Philosophy HPRC, University of Queensland) 23 Jan 2009

It’s the issue Australian governments don’t want to talk about, but more and more people are asking: “What about population growth?” SCEG addressed this issue at an event in August 2009. Listen to our guest speaker Mark O’Connor, the author of ‘Overloading Australia’, in Podcast in mp3 format:

  1. Population – Part 1
  2. Population – Part 2
  3. Population – Part 3
  4. Population – Part 4

Also check out this great short clip ‘People Keep Making People’ by Dave Gardner who produced the movie GrowthBusters: Hooked on Growth which SCEG screened in July 2012.

Another excellent overview of the issues is explained in ‘The End of Growth’  presentation by Richard Heinberg, a Senior Fellow at the Post Carbon Institute.


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