Reusable fruit & veggie bags

If you still use plastic for your fruit and vegetables, consider purchasing reusable produce bags – they minimise waste therefore saving energy and reducing the amount of plastic in our society. SCEG are now selling two different brands – Greensacks at $4 for 1 bag or $20 for 5 bags, or Onya at $15 for 5 bags. These bags can be purchased at the SCEG Office or at most SCEG events. They are also now Available from our online shop

Greensacks : set of 5 bags $22.40 (includes postage and handling)


Onya bags:  set of 5 bags and cover – $17.40 (includes postage and handling)

Environmental Toothbrushes

Millions of plastic toothbrushes are disposed of each year, ending up in landfill or worse still, other places like our ocean. SCEG has been able to source toothbrushes which can be returned to the earth as both the bamboo handle and polymer bristles will biodegrade into soil. Cost $4 each (adult or child size).

Toothbrushes can be purchased at the SCEG Office or at most SCEG events or now online.

5 toothbrushes – $21.40  (includes postage and handling)

Fresh Lids- flexible silicon lids

These Perfect Replacement For Plastic Wrap. Sold as a 5 set, they will fit any size from 6.5cm to 23cm in diameter and will stretch to fit most shapes.   Food Safe, Silicone, Vacum Seal, Replacement Lid, Fruit/Vegetable Cover, Freezer Safe, Dishwasher Safe, Long Lasting & Reusable.

5 pack fresh lids- 23.10 includes postage and handling

Handmade paper

Gorgeous hand made paper. Sourced locally and made from recycled paper. Random colours!

These are available on line or via pick up

A4 x 5 sheets + 5 envelopes $18 incl. p&p     5 x A5 sheets & 5 x envelopes $12 incl. p&p

sheets and envelopes may be in other amounts at events/stalls or from the office.


Fowlers Vacola Preserving systems and accessories

These items are currently available for pick up only- from SCEG office at special opening prices. We hope to be able to offer postage soon- watch this space.

Fowlers vacola simple bottling outfit $165 pick up only

Set of 6 bottles, lids, seals and clips $33.60 pick up only

Set of lids standard pack 12 size 3 $8.95 pick up only

Clips pack of 12 size 3 $12.95  pick up only

Rings pack of 12 size 3 $5.95 pick up only

Fowlers Ultimate Dehydrator $195 pick up only

Please contact us to discuss bulk orders or if you have a product query