The Spring Creek Draft Framework plan as it stands does not meet key sustainability or biodiversity criteria; and as a result it fails the community and environment.

The plan ignores the fundamental questions relevant to our time; those being climate change and species loss.

Rather than acting as a check to further urban development speculation, it has helped fuel new development submissions with applications for re-zoning and development to the immediate south of The Great Ocean Road.

‘Protecting the Environment’; one of the supposed key principles of the document, does little more than aim for ‘no further loss of existing trees’. Given the landscape is already highly fragmented, it is an indictment on all of us that this plan shows no ambition to restore any ecological integrity to the landscape.

In contrast, any ‘gains’ to the creek’s biodiversity will need to be weighed up against an extra 4,600 people, vermin, pets, litter, two extra schools and a highly modified environment. That is part and parcel of urban sprawl and its impact on biodiversity and species extinction well documented.

The Spring Creek ‘buffer’ is inadequate to support the needs even of existing wildlife.  Is this an appropriate legacy to future generations?

There is no ambition in the Precinct Plan to make it 100% renewable. Why?

What you can do:

The gold standard for authentic sustainable development has already been set by new developments like the eco-village at Currumbin in Queensland ( Check it out.

Tell Councillors we want that and not the faux –sustainable development on offer.

Join our group. We can be contacted via Surf Coast Energy Group (SCEG) at: or 3228 Residents Association (3228ra) at


As an example of what other Shire’s are doing, please see the article in the link below the horizontal bar about Noosa Heads