• As a SCEG member you can borrow from SCEG’s diverse collection of books, DVDs and other resources, such as devices to measure power and water consumption.
  • The library is available for members at many of our events as well as at the  SCEG office at TOPS.
  • SCEG has purchased a Powermate which is a great gadget to determine how much power a particular appliance uses and costs to run. This is available to borrow through our library system. It will allow you to find out the running cost of an appliance, how much greenhouse gas it is producing and what your appliances are costing you on standby mode. The Powermate can give estimates of hourly, quarterly and yearly costs. A great way to help identify high power use appliances, save on your electricity bills and reduce your environmental footprint.
  • Newly available to borrow from October 2013 is a Fowlers Preserving System complete with manual.
  • Contact us to book this item out and preserve your fruit and veg gluts.
  • Browse our library catalogue below:
  • SCEG DVD’s
  • SCEG Books available to borrow from SCEG Library
  • We also have past issues of several great magazines including Green Living, ReNew, Ecos and Habitat