Bells (Photo courtesy of Darren Noyes-Brown)

About Us

Since 2008, SCEG has been able to raise issues and create local action within the community though our programs and events.

SCEG continues to help provide the Surf Coast with a direction for taking on climate change and other environmental issues at the local, state, federal level. This includes providing leadership through improved local decision making and better communication within the community.


SCEG and Surfers Appreciating Natural Environment (SANE) Stop Adani Campaign (2018)

Over the years, SCEG has been involved in various grassroots efforts in the region including a “Grow It” campaign supplying veggie boxes and holding workshops for the community to grow more of their own food. In 2014, SCEG’s largest event was the Growth Forum at the Quiksilver Auditorium, where over 200 people attended discussing important issues such as: population growth, climate change and biodiversity loss, and he implications both locally and globally.

Growth: Is Bigger Better Forum (2017)

The philosophy and history behind these and future projects are to raise issues and encourage local action for the community to support. As a result of these and other successful campaigns, we feel there is great opportunity here in the Surf Coast to bring together others to become a more resilient community.

As part of our efforts to connect people to the place we live, SCEG is featuring local artists and their work on our homepage. Currently, you can see photography from Darren Noyes-Brown there and throughout our pages.