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Our Power Film Night (Photo courtesy of Doug Steley)

The Sustainable Film Season (2009 ­ 2014) was a successful annual event for SCEG. After a year hiatus, we were happy to bring it back. We expect the films we show will demonstrate, inspire, connect and support others passionate about making the place around them more sustainable. SCEG has a history of doing this in the past and we plan to show films that uplift our community to action. For example, the opening night (May 2010) was attended by over 70 residents who watched a film on the issue of plastics in our ocean. As a result, people were inspired to cut down their plastic use, benefitting the local and global environment and kick starting a plastic bag free Torquay initiative.

In recent years, Polyfaces and Our Power, both Australian-made allowed SCEG to host Q&A Panels with the filmmakers and special guests. Polyfaces, a multi-award winning film by Bendigo-based filmmakers Lisa Heenan and Darren Doherty focused on the importance of our connection to the land. The film follows the Salatin’s, a 4th generation farming family who do “everything different to everyone else” as they produce food in a way that works with nature, not against it. Special guests that night included Hayden Findlay (Ravens Creek Farm) and Jodi Roebuck (Roebuck Farm).


Polyfaces Film Night: Pat Onesta, Jodi Roebuck, Lisa Heenan, Hayden Findlay, Darren Doherty (Photo courtesy of Parallax Media)

In addition, SCEG was able to host a special advanced screening of OUR POWER, a Melbourne-made documentary about the Latrobe Valley community as they bear the brunt of the privatisation of Victoria's electricity in the 1990s and deal with the devastating Hazelwood mine fire of 2014. As part of the special evening with filmmakers Peter Yacono and Anissha Vijayan, a number of Latrobe Valley leaders participated in the spirited Q&A panel.


Leaders after the conclusion of the film.  From top-left: Wendy Farmer, Tara Dean, Andrew Laird, Peter Yacono, Ron Ipsen (Photo courtesy of Doug Steley)

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Films from the past!

  • Guarding the Galilee w/ special guest Charlie Wood,
  • Our Power w/ special guests Peter Yacono and Anissha Vijayan, Filmmakers and Latrobe Valley Community Leaders
  • Ever the Land
  • Polyfaces w/ special guests Lisa Heenan and Darren Doherty, Filmmakers, Jodi Roebuck, Roebuck Farm and Hayden Findlay, Ravens Creek Farm
  • Catching the Sun w/ special guests Tosh Szatow and Alex Houlston, Energy for the People
  • Racing Extinction