Improve biodiversity and carbon capture

The Surf Coast Energy Group (SCEG) has a strong focus on the health of nature (biodiversity) in our area as apart from anything, it forms a key indicator of our true sustainability, being recognised as one of nine non-negotiable planetary boundaries integral to humanity's survival. Sadly biodiversity is in alarming decline globally, whilst here in the Surfcoast there are many birds, plants and animals facing big challenges; many associated with habitat loss. In response, SCEG has initiated its own program to restore the health of Spring Creek valley (SCV). Not only does it support rare and threatened species and habitat, it also serves as an important migration route (biolink) between Otway Range forests and Otway Plain woodlands. Moreover, it serves as a unique shared ecosystem in the backyard of three communities, Bellbrae, Jan Juc and Torquay.

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      There are also many other active nature-based groups in our local environment that continue to do great work over many years. Some are listed here: