Dear Protect Spring Creek Supporter,

As you may be aware, a decision on the Distinctive Areas and Landscape (DAL) designation for the Surf Coast Shire by Victoria’s Minister for Planning, The Hon. Richard Wynne is imminent.   Our ‘Protect Spring Creek’ campaign in the summer of 2020/21 was incredibly successful; in all, more than 6,000 residents responded to the government’s engagement process.  Our community came out overwhelmingly in support of protecting the Spring Creek valley and the Bellbrae, Jan Juc and Torquay townships, through tighter planning controls and a permanent western town boundary at Duffields Road.

As a community, we now expect the government to honor its commitment, and deliver a policy outcome that is in line with community sentiment.  Now, we have one final opportunity to influence the final outcome.  In the coming weeks, as the Government prepares to hand down its decision, we now need you to write directly to Minister Wynne, and reiterate your support for the full protection of Spring Creek and our townships under the final DAL policy statement.  

Just imagine if we could have letters from the community arriving in the Minister’s inbox every day, as the government prepares its final decision!  So, please – take five minutes out of your day to email a clear and brief message to our Minister for Planning, Hon. Richard Wynne, supporting the government’s efforts to protect Spring Creek, and our community’s unique way of life.   

The email address for Minister Wynne is included below, along with other relevant elected representatives who you may wish to CC in your email.  In your own words, include key reasons that are important to you (e.g. protection of nature, protecting our region’s ‘distinctiveness’, maintaining our town character, keeping our community sustainable, avoiding unnecessary growth, putting community ahead of profits, etc.).  You may recall that ‘Option 2’ was the option provided in the DAL that would prevent any further development of the Spring Creek area.   Also, feel free to pass this message onto others in your community networks.  

Please remember to be respectful, optimistic and positive; until now, the government has acted in good faith on the DAL process, so let’s give them the support they need to finish the job.

Kind regards,

Graeme Stockton 

Chair, Surf Coast Energy Group

Torquay, Victoria


Minister for Planning

The Hon. Richard Wynne MP

Premier of Victoria

The Hon. Daniel Andrews

Minister for Environment

The Hon. Lily D’Ambrosio

Member for South Barwon

Mr. Darren Cheeseman