Newsletter December 2021

Dear Members and supporters,

As 2021 rushes to a conclusion the SCEG committee has never been so busy. SCEG has always been about tackling climate change and sustainability, but we’ve sharpened that focus in recent times with the ‘E’ in SCEG signifying not just Energy but also Ecology, Economy and Equity.

This very deliberate step acknowledges that it is not just a climate emergency that we are facing, but a multi-faceted systems failure stemming from a global economy where the centerpiece requires endless growth and consumption. As guru renegade economist Herman Daly says, “infinite growth in a finite system is an impossible goal and will eventually lead to failure”.

In this edition of our newsletter we see how it extends from restoring nature in Spring Creek, to the Barwon Solar Schools renewable energy program; to some analysis of Australia’s future energy needs, the role of SCEG’s Public Funds Committee, and in building innovative partnerships with the climate and sustainability team at the Surf Coast Shire.

Happy reading,