Professional Assessment


Here are a range of options available to Surf Coast residences. Here are some options you might consider:

Sustainability consultation

Geelong Sustainability offers a sustainability consultation of 1 hour on energy efficiency, solar and battery systems and energy suppliers. The cost of the consultation is $200. Geelong Sustainability say this service provides “independent experts can help answer your questions and provide you with trusted advice about all things related to sustainable energy.”

Building Design Expert

Get the most out of your building project with the knowledge you need upfront. This In-home Consultations with Sustainability Building Design Expert, Tim Adams, will equip you to make the best choices during your build or renovation that result in a high performance, energy efficient and thermally comfortable home. This is a $350 consultation, for 1 hour consult.

Energy Efficiency Scorecards

The Residential Efficiency Scorecard rates your home's energy use and comfort, and provides tailored recommendations for improvements. This can be used to qualify for a VEEC rebate subject to conditions.