Green Drinks

Since 2014, Patagonia have hosted the majority of Green Drinks where we connect individuals, organisations and businesses that aim to strengthen and support the local environment and the broader community.


(Image courtesy of Parallax Media)

Green Drinks are intended to be an informal social/educational event and we look to host events throughout the year.

Making meaningful connections and learning about sustainable practices of locally owned businesses are a small aspect of our events – if you have an idea for an event please contact us.


Peter Winkler talks about creating a strong connection to the landscape and nature in his projects. (photo courtesy of Parallax Media)


SCEG Committee member Robert Skehan answering questions from attendees at Bar 61 (Photo courtesy of Darren Noyes-Brown)

Next Green Drinks

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Past Events

Transition Streets
Monica Winston, Transition Streets Geelong

The Problems with Plastics (Bar 61)
Tania Potts, Boomerang Bags
Anthony Hill, Plastic Pollution Solutions
Robert Skehan, Plastic Free Victoria
Celia Bolton, Plastic Bag Free Surf Torquay

Sustainable Building & Design
Peter Winkler, Peter Winkler Architects
Jerrard Byrne, Creations in Parallel
Kellie Hose, Creations in Parrallel

Sustainability: From Sweden to Australia
Hakam Orberg, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences